Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Miami Beet

Name: Miami Beet

Collection: South Beach

Colour: Deep Beetroot Fuschia

Coats: 2

Pros: A stunning colour that looks great all year round. I love it for when I can’t decide between red, pink and purple because it combines all three! It has a beautiful gloss and always draws compliments. It’s also great for pedicures.

Cons: It is a bit watery so application is a little difficult and I often end up having to clean up the edges of my nails. Also it chips and wears very easily and causes some staining because of its strong pigment.

Similar Shades: “Flashbulb Fushia” is pretty much the same colour but with a little shimmer while “Congeniality Is My Middle Name” adds a little more red to the fuchsia and some sparkle.


  1. I like the warm tones in this colour! And it really does have a nice gloss to it.

  2. Hey, OPInionated :) There's an award for you on my blog, Books Are My Heroine. Check it out at Love you, girlie <3