Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Get In the ‘Expresso’ Lane

Name: Get In the ‘Expresso’ Lane

Collection: Touring America

Colour: Dark Coffee Brown

Coats: 2

Pros: A smooth and creamy high gloss polish that is a nice alternative to black. It was super easy to apply and there were no streaks.

Cons: A bit muddy for my taste also a little boring for a dark polishes. I also dislike that there are some weird green undertones that can make this look murky in some lights.

Similar Shades: “Here Today Argon Tomorrow” is a deep green that is also high patent but goes on darker. “Suzi Loves Cowboys” is a more true chocolate brown that is warmer, but still a glossy crème.

Colours provided by OPI

1 comment:

  1. Yeah I can see the green undertones but I still like this shade!