Sunday, 13 November 2011

Give Me The Moon

Name: Give Me The Moon

Collection: Night Brights

Colour: Pale Periwinkle

Coats: 3+

Pros: A lovely romantic, whimsical periwinkle with an iridescent sheen and pale gray undertones. I love how this colour allows me to branch away from the regular pinks and reds without going for something too bold or something boring. It is a subtle, pretty colour, made more exciting with its pearly finish.

Cons: I really like how it looks on my fair skin but I’ve heard that it doesn’t go very well with medium skin tones. Also don’t be fooled by how this colour looks in the bottle as it seems like a flat blue-gray but looks very different on nails. Finally, this polish takes a few coats to reach full opacity. In the pictures I have 2 coats on, but it is still rather sheer.

Similar Shades: OPI “Sheer Your Toys” from their Hollywood Toyland collection is almost identical to GMTM, while “Moon over Mumbai” is a good choice if you want less blue and a plain creamy look.



  1. Looks for a good choice for everyday wear as it is not too loud! I really like this colour, I'll add it to my wish list!

  2. Love, love, love! Nail polish suits your pink undertones so well, I wish I was an English Rose instead of a yellow-undertoned frenchie.

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