Monday, 12 December 2011

No Room for the Blues

Name: No Room for the Blues

Collection: Bright Pair Collection

Colour: Bright “Smurf” Blue Creme

Coats: 2 (but needs touch-ups)

Pros: This super vibrant blue has a thick creamy consistency that was easy to remove. Two coats were enough to provide great coverage and shine.

Cons: Personally I find this colour a little too loud and ‘Smurfy” for daily wear. It also took way too much upkeep as it unfortunately kept chipping, denting and peeling.

Similar Shades: “Ogre The Top Blue” is really similar but just a little darker. “Yodel Me on My Cell” is a shimmery, more turquoise blue.


  1. I love this color. I didn't have much problem with it chipping or anything, but probably because I put a nice coat of glitter over top of it. lol. It worked good as a blue, winter, 'snow-y' type color.

  2. what an awesome colour! So different than the mainstream. It looks great on you.

  3. This is the brightest colour I've ever worn! I tend to not like neons but this is really pretty on you. :) I'd like to see how it looks with some glitter!