Friday, 24 February 2012

ASK Cosmetics: Rich Sapphire

Name: Rich Sapphire

Collection: Nailwear

Colour: Cobalt

Coats: 2-3

Pros: I really liked the rich, deep blue shade of this polish and the name matches it perfectly.

Cons: I was not crazy about the formula of this polish. The other samples from this line are quick drying and provide great coverage in one coat, but this one was different. It had a thin consistency and did not distribute evenly on the nail so it appears more blue at the base. I also had to put on another coat and touch some nails up. Finally, the drying time was rather long which was tedious.

Similar Shades: little lighter than OPI “Roadhouse Blues” or try “Russian Navy” for the same colour with a bit of shimmer.

This is a sample colour provided by ASK Nailwear! If you would like to order some of their products, check out their website:


  1. nice colour! The several coats needed are a bit of a put off, but I think I will still buy this one!

  2. I'm not too excited about this one, I can see that the colour isn't even and it seems like a lot of work! I like OPI's Road House Blues a lot better :) The other colours from the line seem great though!