Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rainbow Connection

Name: Rainbow Connection

Collection: OPI Holiday Muppets Collection

Colour: Multicoloured and Silver Circle Glitter

Coats: 2 on top of 1 coat of solid polish (I’m wearing “French Quarter For Your Thoughts” underneath)

Pros: I know this review is a little late because the Muppets Collection was a limited time release but if you already have this polish or can get your hands on it, it’s definitely a great buy. I just had to review “Rainbow Connection” because I rediscovered it yesterday and I absolutely love it! I passed it over the first time because as you can see from my group review of the other glitters in this collection, I was extremely disappointed ( This polish is super fun and shiny so it is great for celebrations and parties!

Cons: You really have to glob this polish on and do a base coat so it can be time consuming and use a lot of polish. Also, the circle glitter can sometimes stick out and get caught on stuff which is super annoying. After this happened a couple of times though I made the mistake of peeling all of the polish off my nails and ended up with damaged and weak nails so please resist the urge or you will regret it. Luckily because it’s a glitter it’s super easy to seamlessly patch it up.

Similar Shades: “Save Me” from this year’s Nicki Minaj collection is also a multicoloured glitter but its confetti glitter gives a really unique effect and provides more coverage.

Polish provided by OPI!


  1. I love this polish! I really like it over I'm Indi-a Mood For Love :)

  2. I love this!! Awesome glitter and I am a huge fan of the really big glitter in it that sets it apart. :D

  3. Save Me isn't similar AT ALL unless you consider the fact that they're both glitters enough similarity. Save Me is fine silver glitter with threads of blue thin bar holographic glitter. The polish I'd consider most similar to Rainbow Connection is Rainbow In The S-Kylie from the Kardashian collection as it is a confetti glitter as well, though with two different sizes of glitter.

  4. Yes Rainbow In The S-Kylie is really similar, thanks! I chose "Save Me" because it is also a rainbow glitter from OPI. My Similar Shades section is not about finding identical matches to the polishes I review. Instead I mention polishes that give a different effect with a similar colour so my followers can find a shade that is just right for their style, mood or occasion.

  5. I love this! You are truly talented!

  6. Thanks so much Clarissa! I love the pictures on your blog and reading about your travels.