Sunday, 24 June 2012

OPI Chamomile Mint SCRUB

Name: OPI Chamomile Mint SCRUB

Collection: Manicure Pedicure by OPI

Colour: Grainy, Margarita Green Scrub

Coats: 1

Pros: A great product for doing your own at home pedicures This is a great exfoliator for tired, dry feet because it is gentle but still removes dry skin. The combination of chamomile and mint create a soothing and relaxing aroma while the sugary crystals work their magic as you massage the scrub into your feet. I found that it actually exfoliated my hands while I was applying it as a pedicure.

Cons: My only complaint would be that I wish there was more in the bottle! Also the scent is very unique so make sure you smell it before you buy it.

This product was provided by OPI


  1. when you say the scent is very unique...exactly what do you mean by that lol

  2. Well the mint part of the scent is not as prominent as in other foot scrubs but it is definitely an undertone. I just can't really place it as floral or fruity. I can say I love the smell though. Sorry about the confusion and thanks for commenting!

  3. mmmm I love mint ! I bet I'd like this product, but you're right- it looks pretty tiny!