Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Going Nude On The Beach With Don’t Pretzel My Buttons

Today I'm posting my OPInion from the beach on my amazing summer vacation! Welcome to all my new followers and thanks so much for your lovely comments
Name: Don’t Pretzel My Buttons

Collection: Germany 2012

Colour: Nude crème with very light pink and yellow undertones

Coats: 2-3 coats

Pros: This is one of my new favourite nude shades as it is a subtle but chic, warm nude ! I love how there are really light undertones of both yellow and rose. It not only compliments my skin but it will look great on other OPI lovers with different skin tones. I am happy to report that it applied evenly and stayed on perfectly for days. I found that it dulled a little after the first day but I’m almost positive that was caused by an interaction with the sunscreen applied.

Cons: The polish is almost the same colour as my skin so sometimes it looked a bit weird I guess, but hey it’s a nude shade so this isn’t really a bad thing. Also when I first read the name of this polish I expected a deeper “pretzel” brown so I was surprised to find it was a nude.

Similar Shades: This colour is quite similar to San Tan-tonio in both application and appearance. San Tan-tonio is another interesting sandy coloured polish that is a bit darker and would work great for those of you who have more yellow undertones to your skin. Tickle My France-y would be your perfect nude shade if you are looking for a polish with rosy undertones.

This product was provided by OPI


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  2. Lovely shade. I love nude nails, and the name is funny, haha. xx



  3. Beautiful shade, such a professional touch for work wear! So far I'm loving the German collection.

  4. I like nude nails. Thanks to follow Taty'Style and welcome there!


  5. OMG! I love the color sooo much!! Feel like want to color my nails in nude color right now too!
    btw, you have pretty nail shape :)


  6. I really love this colour! You have such lovely nails too xx


  7. Thank you for stopping by, I really enjoyed your blog about lip gloss!
    This is a great colour, you could wear it anywhere :)

  8. This is heavenly! But i wish my fingers are as fair as yours!!! Somehow i think the shade of our skin complements different nude as well, but i really love this one ^_^


    pS: Just became your new follower!

  9. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your blog and am following you too!

  10. I've never seen a mani done in practically the same exact shade as a person's skin! It's something! I kinda like it but it does have that weirdness about it hehe

  11. Yeah, I think with the sand, the shade and the skin it does blend in a lot! But it is a very versatile shade!