Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Liebster Awards!

My post today is going to be a little different! I have been nominated by Ashlee at The Makeup Wonderland for a Liebster Award! Thank you so much Ashlee. The award is for new bloggers with less than 200 followers.

The rules are as follows:-
Each person must post eleven things about themselves.
Answer the eleven questions the tagger has set for you.
Choose eleven people and tag them in this post.
Follow the tagger and at visit at least three nominees

11 Things about Myself

1. I wish I had been born circa 1950 because I love the fashion and lifestyle as depicted on the TV show Mad Men.
2. I am a shameless cat lover and I have two cats Tess and Zoe.
3. My favourite colour is red.
4. Some of my favorite TV shows are Mad Men of course, Thirty Rock, Parks and Recreation, Arrested    Development and Modern Family.
5. I love the movie Beauty and the Beast and I hope to have a library one day just like the one in the movie.
6. I do not like hats, at all, on me or anybody else!
7.  I love to read, especially the classics, one of my favourites is The Great Gatsby
8.  I love painting and drawing.
9. I am a huge art geek.  My favourite artists are Alphonse Mucha , Gustav Klimt and John William Waterhouse.
10 I am really interested in astronomy and psychoanalysis and poetry.
11. I would love to travel Europe someday.

Ashlee’ Questions

1. What's your favorite candy?   Tangy Taffy (cherry)
2. What was your favorite TV show when you were younger?   Sailor Moon
3. Do you have a nickname? No but my name is shortened to Jenny
4. What is your current favorite song? Runaways by The Killers
5. What do you usually order at Starbucks(or any other coffee shop)?  Tall caramel frappicino  (extra caramel)
6. What's your favorite perfume?  Victoria Secret Incredible
7. If you could go on a $10,000 shopping spree anywhere, where would it be?
8. If you could learn something new today, what would it be? A new language
9. What is your favorite makeup store and favorite clothing store? Make up: Sephora, Clothing: H & M
10. What is a product you regret buying?  A hair dye that promised to make me a brunette but it ended up being a strange mixture of purple and red
11. Pancakes or French Toast?  Pancakes (blueberry)

Here are my questions for the nominees:-

1. What’s your favourite beauty product?
2.  Favourite movie of all time?
3.  Who is your Hollywood crush?
4.  What is your favourite season and seasonal activity?
5.  If you could  have any car, cost not being an issue, what would you buy?
6.  If you could have a super power what would it be?
7.  If you had a time machine, what era/ place would you go to?
8.  Swimming pool or ocean?
9.  Who has had the biggest positive impact on your life?
10. Are you a night owl or a morning person?
11.  What is your favourite book?

The Nominees are:-

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy my posts!


  1. Great post! I love Arrested Development too! It cracks me up. :)

    1. Such a funny show, I bought a dvd boxed set and watch it again and again! It's still funny second and third time around :)

  2. I love the Great Gatsby and Arrested Development! Awesome answers! :D

    1. Thanks Ashlee, I really enjoyed answering the questions and getting to know a little more about you by reading the answers on your blog! What a great idea :)

  3. great post! I love Parks & Rec and Modern Fam :)

  4. Hey Girl! I can totally relate to buying a box of hair dye and it not being near the color promised! Lesson learned!
    ~Laura @

    1. I know, it is one of those experiences that seem tragic at the time but you can laugh about it later...when your hair is back to normal! I love that they have a 1-800 number on the box so you can call if something goes wrong with the dying process. I guess we are not the only ones :)

  5. thanks for the nomination ! i really appreciate it , a lot !! (sorry for my english it's not quite good)

    Indigo Nails

    1. You are so welcome! I really like your blog and glad you could stop by to check mine out!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! I find it is nice to get to know a little bit more about the bloggers by reading the answers to these question. It is also fun answering them :)

  7. Wow thank you so much!! xo

    1. You're welcome, you have a wonderful blog and I enjoy checking it out regularly:)

  8. I meant to get my hands on some ofs OPIs Germany Collection since i am german...this one is pretty and i love suzie and the 7 dusseldorfs :)
    Thanks for stopping by

  9. Thank you, yes I am very happy with the German collection so far! I loved your Avene review, a wonderful product!

  10. Thank you, yes I am very happy with the German collection so far! I loved your Avene review, a wonderful product!

  11. Thank you for the nomination, had a bit of a nightmare with my post and accidentally deleted the one you commented on! So sorry for the late reply but I will be doing it all soon!


    1. No problem Katie, and thanks for visiting my blog again!