Tuesday, 13 September 2011

DS Jewel

Name: DS Jewel

Collection: Designer Series

Colour: Shimmering Rusty Plum

Coats: 3-4

Pros: An interesting and dynamic colour that changes from copper to maroon in different lighting.

Cons: There are a lot of things I dislike about this polish. For starters this took 3 coats to make it opaque as it has a watery consistency (this is evident in my picture of the polish bottle). The drying time is super long and made my nails susceptible to dents and smudges. After wearing this polish for two days I found that it actually started to wear away and rub off! Additionally, I was really disappointed that this DS didn’t live up to the other members of its collection and its higher price. Instead of having the big impact, diamond dust effect that I was expecting, this polish just has the average amount of shimmer. Overall, I am not really sad that this colour has been discontinued so good choice OPI for not making this a permanent colour.

Similar Shades: “Diva of Geneva” has the same shimmer but has highlights of fuchsia rather than maroon while “Meet Me On the Star Ferry” is shimmery too with more dusty purple undertones.


  1. wow, I am very surprised by your review of this polish! I have always been very pleased by the DS line, I will be sure to not pick up this colour before it is discontinued. Thanks for writing an honest review :)

  2. This colour does seem to lack the shimmer that is characteristic of the DS polish that I have in my collection. I agree that it is an interesting colour, but if it takes a long time to dry it's really not for me.