Monday, 23 January 2012

I Don’t Give A Rotterdam!

Name: I Don’t Give A Rotterdam!

Collection: Holland 2012

Colour: Blue-grey with Silver Shimmer

Coats: 2 - 3

Pros: This blue provides a happy medium for daily polish wearers, as you can finally wear blue without it being too bold for a professional setting or so understated that it is boring. I think it looks really pretty and classic. Also up close this polish looks kind of like a DS for the price of a regular collection colour!

Cons: The grey undertones may not be flattering on all skin tones and are hard to spot when when you just hold the bottle up to your skin, so watch out for this one!

Similar Shades: This shade is almost identical to “ I Have A Herring Problem”, which is also from the Holland Collection. However, this collection hasn’t been released yet, so in the mean time you can try “Suzi Says Feng Shui” for a deeper blue-grey crème.

This is a sample colour provided by OPI


  1. This shade is very pretty! I love the idea of the shimmer. I have to have it :)

  2. This shade looks great on you!