Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Red Lights Ahead… Where?

Name: Red Lights Ahead… Where?

Collection: Holland 2012

Colour: Orangey Red

Coats: 2 - 3

Pros: A bright and punchy red with an exciting twist of orange. It’s a bit thin and messy so I had to clean up the edges a bit, but it turned out with smooth gloss finish. This is a great colour for those of you who want to transition into orange shades without being too bold.

Cons: I prefer true reds instead of ones with orange in them. Also, even after 3 coats, the polish on the tips of my nails flaked really easily.

Similar Shades: Almost identical to “OPI on Collins Ave” from the South Beach and “Monsooner or Later” from the India Collection.

This is a sample colour provided by OPI!


  1. I'm like you, I don't like my reds to have any orange undertones. I haven't tried this one out yet!

  2. I like this one! It's quite dramatic.
    Adds a punch of colour to a dreary winter!