Thursday, 29 March 2012

Don't Touch My Tutu!

Name: Don't Touch My Tutu

Collection: Soft Shades New York Ballet

Colour: Cloudy, translucent white

Coats: 3+ (depending on how sheer or cloudy you want)

Pros: This polish is great for creating the effect of a French manicure without the tediousness of fake nails or solid white nail tips. It creates a classy, clean and sleek effect that gives regular or stained nails a nice finish. I also used this one as a base for some of the other polishes in this collection to make them appear less sheer.

Cons: Well there isn’t really and colour in this polish and it isn’t an opaque white like it appears in the bottle either. Additionally, it only really looks good on longer, well-formed nails as it relies on a nice, prominent nail line. Finally, it takes a few coats and is slow to dry with a watery consistency but ends up peeling rather quickly after application so don’t forget your base and top coats!

Similar Shades: I guess “Alpine Snow” is also white but it provides an opaque look. The other shades from the New York Ballet Collection are similar in consistency but add a bit of pastel pigment for some extra oomph.

This is a sample colour provided by OPI!


  1. Nice clean polish. I like your idea of using it in lieu of a French manicure.

  2. This is a great polish to just make your nails look fresh and clean, without very much colour. Perfect for a conservative work place.

  3. I really love this on you! Your nails are beautiful :) can't wait to see more shades from this collection!