Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

Name: Gouda Gouda Two Shoes 

Collection: Holland 2012

Colour: Rusty, Brownish Pink with a hint of gold shimmer

Coats: 3-4

Pros: This is a great neutral pink that isn’t the typical super girly hot pink. Don’t get me wrong, I love those pinks but sometimes you want something low key without going nude. I don’t know if it was the formula or the hint of shimmer but this polish has a really nice shine.

Cons: I had problems with patches and streaks, especially at the nail bed, so I had to do 3 coats and 4 on some nails! The hint of gold shimmer that looks so good in the bottle didn’t really show up on my nails and since I have the polishes from similar shades (below) I wouldn’t choose colour one due to its difficult application.

Similar Shades: Instead try one of these: “Java Mauve-a” and “Chocolate Moose” are almost identical except they are a bit lighter than “Gouda Gouda Two Shoes” and they are crèmes without shimmer.

Colour provided by OPI


  1. hmm it sounds like the formula isn't quite right on this one, not what I have come to expect from OPI! it definitely looks more shimmery in the bottle compared to your nails, as well. however, it still looks lovely!!

  2. I like this shade :) I much prefer it to Chocolate Moose!

  3. It's such an unusual colour - shame about the formula though :(

  4. Ya i'm disappointed by the formula too, but if you like the colour then I would definitely suggest you try Java Mauve-a!

  5. I love the names OPI comes up with!!