Thursday, 24 May 2012

OPI Rapid Dry Spray

Name: OPI Rapid Dry Spray

Coats: 1-2

Pros: This is my little miracle spray! I paint my nails A LOT so this spray comes in super “handy” when I’m busy and on the run. It helps your nails dry super-fast to prevent dents and smudges. The bottle has an easy to use nozzle that spritzes just enough fine mist to dry without soaking your hands.

Cons: It can leave a bit of an oily residue after and sometimes it doesn’t work right away but still it’s better than just leaving them and risking imperfections!


  1. what is it made of? it is dangerous at all ? I try to buy 3 free polishes to avoid some of the gross chemicals in nail polish, but I wonder if this product is okay? I could use something like this! I've had something similar applied when I get manicures at the nail salon.

  2. This is the only information I could find on its contents so you can check the link:
    Although this product appears to be safe and been around for over a decade, I don't believe it is the most environmentally friendly rapid dry product as it does consist of chemicals. I recently tweeted an article about how OPI products are definitely NOT tested on animals though which is really important.

  3. I love this stuff! Such a lifesaver on those busy days :)

  4. This is one of the best products from OPI. I find it hard to wait for nail polish to dry and inevitably end up with damaged polish and I have too start from scratch. This Rapid Dry spray is amazing! A must have for nail polish lovers out there.

  5. This sounds like something I should probably try. I hate smudges and dents in your nail polish! And that always happens to me :S Haha

  6. I know I have come to depend on this product, especially if I have a mani that has more than 2 coats of polish!