Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Color Of Minnie

Name: The Color Of Minnie

Collection: Vintage Minnie Mouse

Bright shimmery red 

Coats: 2

Pros: This is a fun red that doesn’t look as dark or intense as some OPI reds like “Quarter of a Cent-Cherry,” making it a perfect summer red. It was so silky smooth upon application and for the most part easy to handle.

Cons: Although this polish went on perfectly for most of the nail, it was hard to control right at the edges causing some polish to stick to the skin around my nail. I did my very best to clean this up but it’s tough to do with such a bright red pigment. Also the formula is kind of sticky so it dents really easily which is unfortunate as dents are hard to touch up!

Similar Shades: This polish is quite similar to “Red Lights Ahead… Where?” and a bit brighter than “Wocka Wocka”

Polish provided By OPI!


  1. I love this colour, it is a classic red! Glad the application was smooth. I will be adding this to my collection for sure.

  2. Thanks nailbird and Canadian Beauty. I will definitely check out your giveaway, I love Benefit Cosmetics!

  3. I love the Minnie Mouse collection :) this red looks great on your nails!