Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Name: My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Collection: Spider Man Collection

Colour: Very Light Grey with a Hint of Blue

Coats: 2-3

Pros: This polish is an interesting opaque, light grey that is almost white with just a hint of shine. It is quite a modern look which can be fun and funky but it isn’t really my style.

Cons: The first coat was really patchy and streaky but the second coat pretty much evened everything out. It was a better, smoother formula than most opaque whites I’ve tried that tend to be sticky and stay streaky but it was still difficult to control. I didn’t really like wearing this polish but it was great for underneath glitters to create opacity or for under the Green Spiderman Shatter.

Similar Shades: “Alpine Snow” is an opaque white that I also use as an undercoat while “Moon Over Mumbai” and “My Pointe Exactly” have the same light bluish-grey tint as “My Boyfriend Scales Walls”

Polish Provided by OPI


  1. I can tell from the photos that even still, it is a little streaky. Grrr I hate streaky polish!

  2. Maybe a ridge filling base coat would help it be less streaky? :( I'm not a huge fan of white polishes on their own, but like you said it would be great under shatter or glitters :)

  3. Love your blog! Wonderful swatches! xo Genevieve

  4. I love grey colors :)
    amazing post!!

  5. This is a beautiful nail polish! I love how your nails look!

  6. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!